We have talked about ways you can improve in BJJ even when you’re injured as well as possible reasons why your injuries aren’t healing properly. But, injuries are not necessarily an unavoidable issue when Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is in question. There are always ways to do your best and protect yourself so that you can avoid injury while training BJJ.


1. Always warm up before your training

A proper warm-up is not just necessary before BJJ training session, but any physical activity one wants to engage in. After all, if you want to prevent injuries you need to make sure that your muscles and joints are flexible. Failing to do a warm-up before the training session can end with pulled and torn muscles. Even some simple drilling would do in case you find the usual warm-up exercises a tad tedious.


2. Know who to roll with

When you all have a rolling session, it’s important to know what kind of opponent is the best for you at that particular moment. If you feel alert and energetic, it makes little difference who you’re rolling with. But, if your focus is not as sharp as usual and you’re even a tiny bit sleepy, it would be best to go for high-level opponents who definitely won’t hurt you in any way, even when you’re not properly concentrating. When you’re in such a state, enthusiastic and energetic white belts don’t make for the best opponents.


3. Stay sensible and in control

Basically, you have to be aware of your own self and your actions. If you want to avoid injury while training BJJ, it’s essential that you don’t lose grip on your own possibilities as well as situation. For example, if there’s something wrong with your gi or your toes and fingers get bent more than usual, recognize this as a moment for you to take control and recuperate. If you let yourself get lost in the moments of different moves and techniques at different speed completely ignoring the state you’re in and your surroundings, you’ll probably get in some painful trouble.


4. Try to be as focused as possible

Even though we can’t always be 100% focused during the training, it’s important to do your best to keep your mind actively involved in what you’re doing. During the drills, even the smallest surprise can turn into an injury. Therefore, try your best to pay proper attention to the drill, and if you feel really tired and unable to keep up, don’t hesitate to say something! It’s always better to sit one out than to injure yourself.


5. Strengthen your muscles off the mat

The stronger your muscles are the more protected your joints will be. In that respect, one sure way to avoid injury while training BJJ is to also train off the mat. Essentially, corrective exercises and strength training are absolutely necessary for building your muscles and creating proper core balance. Aside from off-the-mat exercising, you can always enjoy a nice massage to get rid of stiffness. Stiff muscles and knots can also end up causing injuries otherwise. After all, if you want to improve in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you should definitely welcome more physical activity aside from just your training sessions.


Proper focus, warm-up and constant work on your fitness skills are all essential parts of getting better at Jiu Jitsu as well as doing everything you can to avoid injury while training BJJ. That said, don’t hesitate to learn more about this martial art by checking out our available programs and contacting us at Fenix BJJ & Kickboxing Lowell.

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