IBJJF Certified Black Belt, Owner

Raphael Carneiro is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Marco Antonio Barbosa and has been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over 17 years. Raphael has competed and still competes in most of the main IBJJF tournaments such as Worlds, Europeans and International Opens, and is a remarkable coach that has produced high-level athletes that have medaled at Worlds and Pan Ams as well. He is IBJJF Certified and is also ranked among the top 50 black belts in the world by IBJJF.


IBJJF Atlanta Open Champion (Weight and Open Class) 2017

2x IBJJF Toronto Open Champion (Weight and Open Class) 2013

4x IBJJF Boston Open Champion 2011/15/16/16

IBJJF New York Open Champion 2014/15

IBJJF Miami Open Champion 2014

IBJJF Montreal Open Champion 2011

IBJJF Fall Open Champion 2012

IBJJF American Open 2nd Place 2011

4 x NAGA Expert Champion 2011/12/13/14

4 x Long Island Pride BJJ Champion 2011/12/13/14

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