3 Ways That Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Can Help You Build Better Habits

3 Ways That Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Can Help You Build Better Habits

On an average day, from the minute you wake up to the second you fall asleep, you are following habits you have built for yourself over time. Although some of these habits may be positive, like flossing every night or waking up early to shower, we also tend to develop bad habits that we don’t even notice. After 3 years of spending an hour scrolling through Instagram every morning, we can’t even identify it as a bad habit.

However, implementing a routine such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can help shape good habits and eliminate bad ones. Here are 3 unexpected ways that Jiu Jitsu can help you build better habits.

1 – Exposing you to planning ahead

When deciding to join a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym there are probably a few questions you are asking yourself. What time do I have to leave the house to get there? Am I packing my gym bag before work and driving directly there? Do I need a ride? How often should I wash my gear?

All of this positive questioning soon develops into a habit of preparing for class, and could later translate into preparing for other aspects of your everyday life.

2 – Developing an everyday workout routine …or three times a week, or once a week- whatever fits you!

Fitting in workout time might be the #1 concern when someone is trying to decide on starting Jiu Jitsu. The blunt truth, however, is that you are going to have to make time for yourself to go train. This space in your day does not conveniently open up, but thinking about your schedule and where you can fit in an hour class can help you develop a workout routine and learn time management.

3 – Stressing the importance of commitment

Making gym friends is arguably the best part about doing Jiu Jitsu. With such joy also comes great responsibility. Your Jitsu friends most likely count on you to be in class to partner up and train with them, and I’m sure you count on them! Training with someone you enjoy being around makes classes more memorable and learning techniques easier. Being there for your Jiu Jitsu friends will translate to the real world, whether you struggle with making plans with friends or getting to doctor’s appointments on time.

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