Top 5 BJJ Competition Essentials

Top 5 BJJ Competition Essentials

You don’t have to participate in competition in order to enjoy and fully engage in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. However, if you’re interested in experiencing all aspects of Jiu Jitsu and putting some thorough effort into your skill improvement, competing is a great way to learn more about yourself, BJJ and your opponents. In the end, it doesn’t have to necessarily be about winning, when you have so much more to gain knowledge- and skill-wise. So, if you do decide to compete, it’s always useful to know your own BJJ competition essentials. Of course, this list will vary from person to person, but, if you’re not quite sure about the things that will make this whole experience more beneficial, keep on reading.

1. Your favorite music

You may be surprised to find music on the list of BJJ competition essentials, but that’s nothing to be confused about. After all, everyone needs to relax and tune out from their daily worries before and sometimes even during the competition. And, honestly, there’s hardly a better way to do so than to listen to your favorite music. Not to mention that sometimes the wait between matches can become uncomfortably long. So, definitely remember to bring your headphones and whatever music device you tend to use.

2. Filled water bottle

This one is pretty obvious as you definitely have to stay hydrated during the matches. Still, even though it’s absolutely necessary to bring water with you and drink enough of it, you don’t want to have too much either. That can have a pretty negative effect on your performance during the competition. Therefore, pay attention to how much water you actually drink; it’s important to have just enough fluids but no more than that!

3. An extra gi

Having a backup equipment such as an extra gi is always helpful and responsible when it comes to Jiu Jitsu competitions. After all, you never know what could happen and it’s not unheard of for competitor’s gi to tear up during the match. What’s more, sometimes there are different standards to go by when gi rules are concerned. That said, having two just to be on the safe side counts as a practical and smart thinking on your part.

4. Proper warmup gear

Another one of BJJ competition essentials includes warmup gear. After all, you have to warm up before your matches start. Of course, what kind of warmup exercises you’ll do and what type of gear you’ll need depends on you and what you prefer when warming up, obviously. Most people tend to bring a jumping rope and foam rollers because these are some of the most practical pieces of warmup gear, but if you need something else, be sure to always go by your own needs to ensure your own safety during the competition. In the end, you might not even need a warmup gear per se, but you still need to warm up properly to avoid muscle injuries.

5. A coach who knows you

Well, of course you would bring your coach with you to the competition. They will come anyway, right? Well, you never know how things may work out. Having your real coach together with you during the competition is absolutely ideal. After all, they know you and they probably know a lot of other participants as well. But, sometimes it’s simply not possible for your real coach to come, which is why you may often need to appoint someone as your “coach” to accompany you. So, you need to be very careful about who you choose.

Your appointed coach should always be someone who knows your game as well as the moves you’re comfortable with. You don’t need someone who will just instruct you to use this or that technique in order to win, disregarding your skills and comfort levels completely. You need someone who understands you, which is why it’s always better to have a familiar purple belt with you, then a brown or black belt who never even took the time to train with you properly.

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