Possible Reasons Why Your BJJ Injuries Aren’t Healing

It’s true that many people have to put some effort into creating the perfect balance when it comes to their personal/professional life and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. However, even if the balance exists, it doesn’t mean that the risks of injuries are all gone. And, especially if you’re busy in your daily life, you may notice that your BJJ injuries aren’t healing as fast as you expected them, too. Of course, the recovery depends on the severity of the injury, but there are other possible reasons why this may be happening. It’s clear that you’d definitely like to achieve the same balance you had before the injury as quickly as possible, but you need to give this time, frustration-free.

You’re not helping the injury heal

Some people completely ignore any need to get physically active when they have a BJJ injury. However, this is not a good way to go about it. Spending all your time in front of a TV doing nothing will not speed up the healing process. Still, pushing yourself over your limits when you’re injured in order to get as much physical activity as possible is also no good. Even when injured, you need to find that balance again with light exercising that will actually speed up the healing process. Also, it is essential that you follow advice from a medical professional. Don’t just rely on Google or someone else’s experience.

You have a bad diet

Constantly eating junk food may be one of the main reasons why your BJJ injuries aren’t healing. After all, your body needs the right vitamins and nutrients in order to repair itself. If you neglect your diet you cannot expect a quick recovery, either. Your body needs something to work with if you want your injuries to heal nicely.

You’re drinking booze

Having a drink now and then is not a bad thing. However, when you’re injured, try to avoid alcohol completely. In the end, if your BJJ injuries aren’t healing, the fact that you drink alcohol often should definitely be a reason for concern. Even if it’s just a glass of wine with lunch or one beer in the evening, alcohol won’t do your body and the process of healing any good. Just be patient and wait until you’re fully recovered to enjoy an alcoholic beverage.

You don’t sleep enough

Sleep and proper rest are essential for your health, even when you’re not injured. After all, your body repairs itself when you sleep and it needs 8-9 hours of quality rest. Precisely because of this, sleeping well can speed up your recovery and healing process. It’s only logical that your BJJ injuries aren’t healing when you don’t sleep properly, feel tired constantly, and don’t give your body the chance to do its job and fix you, isn’t it?

It’s important that you stay positive and optimistic when it comes to your injuries. Such an attitude has a beneficial effect on the healing process, even though it may seem a bit far-fetched at first. But, positivity and mindfulness are some of the main aspects of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in general. You can always learn more about BJJ by contacting us at Gentle Art Dojo. Also, feel free to check out our available programs.

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