5 Qualities of a Good BJJ Instructor

Passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a desire to try something new are always key factors that will help you make a change in your life and maybe take up the BJJ lessons. However, it is the teacher that will usually affect your overall opinion and attitude towards the classes. That said, finding a good BJJ instructor is very important. If you’re thinking about trying BJJ yourself, pay attention to the following teacher qualities.

1. Technical knowledge

A good BJJ instructor does not have to be a black belt world champion of high level. A high-level competitor does not translate into being a good instructor either. A good BJJ instructor must have thorough knowledge of the fundamentals, know important details of the techniques, and have an open mind to new movements.

2. Patience

A very important part of being a good teacher is exhibiting patience, especially with new students who have not trained before. An instructor who gets overly desperate and anxious due to the new students not understanding a new technique can lead to frustration for both the teacher and the students. If a teacher is patient with their students, this will encourage the students of higher rank to be patient with their novice peers, as well. Taking that extra time to explain and help students the necessary stuff will build a positive and better relationship with students.

3. Attention

Is the teacher walking around helping the students and answering their questions during the class or does he/she spend his/her time on the phone? A good BJJ instructor pays a great deal of attention to their students.

4. Good communication skills

Teaching BJJ is a verbal as well as a physical skill that requires clear speaking and moving effectively. An instructor can demonstrate a technique, but it is the verbal ability that will provide the student with the main details to establish the bases for their fundamentals. Body language is also important.

5. Decent human being

One can be a great teacher at BJJ but a terrible person off the mat. There are instructors who hide behind the principles of martial arts, saying they are humble and free of ego but act arrogantly. It is difficult to know if an instructor is a good person just with training encounters and a few classes. You can review some opinions online but ultimately you will have to spend time at the training center to find out.

Our instructors at Gentle Art Dojo eagerly await all interested students who want to learn more about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Feel free to check our available programs and experience the benefits of BJJ first-hand.

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