How to Make the Most Out of Every BJJ Class You Attend

How to Make the Most Out of Every BJJ Class You Attend

Sometimes, it simply isn’t possible to devote as much time as one would like to Jiu Jitsu. Life has a tendency to get in the way like that. But training BJJ twice or three times a week doesn’t have to put you behind everybody else, and it most definitely doesn’t mean that anyone can doubt your love for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It truly can be difficult to find the necessary time to train almost every day. This is why it’s so important to make the most out of every BJJ class you have, thus improving your skills and boosting the training’s value even though you may not be as regular as other students. So, what can you do to make every training count?


Don’t hesitate to take notes

BJJ class is just like any other. And if you can’t guarantee your presence for more than 2-3 times a week, it will definitely be helpful to take notes. Try to be as detailed as possible in your note-taking. After all, this will help you go over everything you learned in classes you managed to attend. It’s common to forget things when you’re not regular and having everything laid out in your notes will help you keep up with the class and actually work properly on improving your skills. There’s nothing strange about taking notes in a BJJ class. Even students who can attend the training sessions more regularly do it. After all, writing new information down is a proven method of memorizing it better and faster.


Repetition is your best friend

In order to learn something properly, you actually have to do it. And to make the most out of every BJJ class, it’s essential that you focus on repeating the moves as often as possible. Repetition is important in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu because it will allow you to improve different moves and techniques so much so that they eventually become a part of you; the way your body moves naturally and fluidly when necessary. Knowing that you won’t be able to attend every class like the rest of the BJJ students during the week, engaging in as many reps as possible when actually in the class will definitely make the whole experience a lot more beneficial and effective. What’s more, repeating some of the more difficult moves at home is highly encouraged, even if this just means doing a couple of reps on your rug.


Always ask questions when necessary

Not asking questions when you have some is one of the biggest mistakes for any learner, BJJ students included. But, if you want to make the most out of every BJJ class, you have to put that shyness aside and ask away. Anything that you may find challenging or difficult to understand gives you the right to ask for clarification. For starters, this will make your relationship with the trainer more interactive, and thus more effective. What’s more, if you won’t be able to attend every BJJ class during the week, it’s important to have a clear understanding of everything you did at the classes you were present at. Otherwise, you won’t be able to progress properly.

Many people hesitate to take up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu because they fear that they won’t be able to commit to it 100%. But, engaging in BJJ has nothing to do with the number of classes you attend per week. As you see, you can easily make the most out of every BJJ class you get to attend and enjoy this martial art to the fullest. Therefore, feel free to check out our available programs and contact us at Gentle Art Dojo for more information.

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