Kids BJJ (ages 5-7)

Gentle Art Dojo strongly encourages kids to take up practicing martial arts as this will be greatly beneficial for both their physical and mental development. Our Kids BJJ classes are divided into two groups, separated by age (ages 5-8, ages 9-13).

With the program specially designed and adjusted for the kids of the mentioned age groups, we strive to introduce our youngest students to the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In a fun way, kids will learn more about self-discipline, respect, and confidence while also improving their coordination and agility.

During the classes, kids will learn beginner Jiu Jitsu techniques, coordinating different drills and movements and understanding the core values behind this martial art. For colored belts, there are separate classes that will focus on preparing the young students for their first competitions.

Give us a call and schedule your trial class at (617) 645-5226 or (978) 875-3043