5 Tips to Help You Set BJJ and Life Goals

We all strive to achieve something more in life. After all, there’s always something we want as we climb the staircase of life. However, the unfortunate truth is that we also tend to give up very easily. Now, sometimes giving up doesn’t necessarily have to do with the challenging aspect of the goal in question, but the way you perceive that goal, as well as the way you set it. That being said, these Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tips can improve your goal setting skill so that you can set BJJ and life goals realistically, and enjoy every step of the way as you fulfill them.

The goals you set have to be:

1. Specific

If you want to set BJJ and life goals successfully, you need to get as specific as possible. Vague, or overly general things won’t work. Goals like these usually lead to the lack of the necessary motivation and willpower. If you really specify what you want to achieve, and why you want to acheive it, you’ll be able to envision both the process and the end goal. Having this layout will drastically improve your progress.

2. Measurable

Just like you need to specify your goal, you should decide on a certain indicator that will let you know that the goal is achieved. So, based on what your specific goal is, set a measurable indicator as well. Is it a certain weight or muscle mass? Is it a tournament medal? Whatever you wish to achieve should have a clear indicator once you succeed.

3. Achievable

There’s no point in goal setting if the goal isn’t achievable in the first place. Now, one may argue that every goal is achievable in the end, but that’s the whole point. Make sure that you’ll have enough strength and motivation to achieve it. This is why it’s always better to set BJJ and life goals with stepping stones in mind. That way you’ll always have something achievable to look forward to. For example, if you want to move up the belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you obviously need to set smaller goals that have to do with the necessary training and skill required for this ultimate goal.

4. Realistic

You also have to be realistic about your own skill, health, energy and time you have before you set BJJ and life goals. If it’s only going to trouble and exhaust you, there’s really no point in burning out yourself. Make sure that the goal(s) you choose also work realistically with your daily schedule.

5. Timely

When you’re actively trying to achieve something, be it in Jiu Jitsu or personal and professional life, the key piece of the puzzle is to assign a specific time frame for the goal to be achieved. For instance, you may give yourself a month to master a certain BJJ move. This is necessary so that you can evaluate your progress better, and pay attention to what factors contribute to you working effectively towards the goal, and what slow you down.

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